2021 Season Structure by Birthdates
A League 1-1-2014 - 12-31-2016 
B League 1-1-2011 - 12-31-2013
C League 1-1-2008 - 12-31-2010

** Children who played Modified in the 2020-21 school year and children who play travel soccer are not permitted to play **

Please review the below guidelines as there are still unknowns involved given our circumstances and dealings with the COVID-19 virus and we want to be as upfront and transparent as possible. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to getting started. Thank you.

1.) The Arcade Area Youth Soccer Board of Directors does not guarantee that all leagues will be able to operate this summer.  The board reserves the right to cancel a single or multiple leagues (‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’) based on the information we are provided therefore it is possible that only certain leagues will be able to participate during this summer.

2.) As with last year will do our best to refund any registrations for players that are not able to play due to restrictions imposed upon us by NYS, any local entity , venue owner, insurance company or NYS West.  

3.) If we do not cancel a league/season there will not be a refund if you choose not to allow your child to participate after the child is registered.  

4.) If the guidelines provided by, NYS, any local entity , venue owner, insurance company or NYS West, change late and the board has ordered all the t-shirts, paint, nets, insurance, etc. the board may not be able to provide a full or partial refund of the registration costs.

5.) If the venues that we utilize have guidelines/rules for use of their facilities, they will be enforced 100 percent with no exceptions.  If a player or parent/guardian does not abide by these rules/guidelines the player will not be allowed to play and there will be no refund provided in partial or in full.

6.) If different venues have different guidelines/rules these guidelines/rules will be enforced on that venues site only.

7.) There will be no registration extensions, this has been a concern for the board for many years and we need to not allow this practice any longer.